new home cottage construction

new home cottage construction

From Idea, Design, Construction To Completion

Building your new home or cottage can be an exciting time, especially when you understand how the process works.  At Bob Liscombe Construction, we are dedicated to ensure you are kept abreast and involved in all the key stages of construction.


Here are the key phases of the construction process:

  • Preparation of site and pouring of foundation
  • Rough in framing,plumbing, electrical and HVAC
  • Installation of insulation
  • Complete the drywall and interior fixtures, begin exterior finishes
  • Complete interior trim, finish exterior driveways and walkways
  • Install flooring and countertops, finish exterior grading
  • Complete mechanical trims and install kitchen and bath fixtures
  • Install mirrors and doors, complete flooring
  • Final walk-through

We offer commitment at all phases of your building project, from concept to design, budget, timeline, preparing for construction, management of construction, completion and cleanup.  For 33 years, we have successfully met our client’s demand for cost effective and responsive services.

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