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Raising a cottage to add foundation

Do you need to raise your cottage to add a foundation?

If you have an older cottage and wish to preserve it's authentic beauty, but it is without a foundation, you might want to consider raising your cottage to add a foundation.


What are the benefits of raising your cottage to add a foundation?

  • First and foremost to adhere to the municipal guidelines.  Most municipalities in Ontario require a full frost wall foundation on any newly built structures.  Adding a foundation will bring your older cottage up to code.
  • Properly level your cottage if it has heaved over the years.
  • Having a full foundation will keep away pests from setting up a nest under your cottage and working their way through the underside of your floor.
  • Having a full foundation below the frost line will ultimately help with climate control, and reduce moisture and humidity issues, if insulated properly, for 3 and 4 season cottages.
  • The foundation will eliminate the wind chill factor.  Having a full foundation below the frost line keeps the ground from freezing even in the coldest winters.
  • It is cost effective way to add additional living space to your cottage and your growing family needs. Stabilize main structure and add longevity to your building.
  • Improve the value of your property.

At Bob Liscombe Construction, we will walk you through the process, the budget required, the timeline and keep you abreast and involved at all stages of the project.  We have 33 years experience raising cottages in our region, and we are here to help you.

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