water testing

water testing

water testing



Ensure Your Drinking Water Is Safe

If you are a home or cottage owner or are looking to purchase a new home or cottage in our region, we suggest that you have the water tested for quality and safety, especially if that water comes from a well, regardless if it is a dug well or a drilled well.

Sources of water include surface water from lakes, streams, rivers and ponds, ground water from a source deep within the ground and springs such as artesian wells.


How often to test your water?

You will need to have the water tested before you purchase a new home or cottage.  It is recommended to test your water at least three times per year.  This is especially important after a heavy rainfall and after the spring thaw.  If your water changes in odour, colour or taste, you need to get it checked right away.


What if the results are bad?

You will need to stop using your water for drinking, brushing your teeth, making baby formula or juices and recipes.  Also stop using the water to wash your food or your dishes.  You must boil your water before use or use bottled water until you re-test and get a good result.  You will need to disinfect your well and re-test your water prior to using it normally again.


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